Fist Punch 2

Fist Punch 2 is a free two-player Pogo Carton game. It is about a fun-addicting battle unblocked at school. It includes characters from popular shows. In which, you will take control of Mordecai or Rigby. Fight against the enemy after you enter the playfield and try to defeat them as soon as possible to be the winner! It’s easy to play Fist Punch 2 online and hop into the match that you wish! You should use your legs and punches promptly to cause damage to the target and knock him down before he does the same for you. You will unlock the next level and explore many more difficulties when you win. Aside from fists and kicks, you are able to create combos and receive a special ability when the corresponding bar is full. Both of them are great to unleash a killstreak and allow you to conquer the victory faster. Do not forget to dodge hits and survive at the end of the stage!

How to play Fist Punch 2

Player 1: Arrows to roam, K to jump, L to hit and collect, K and L to deploy special abilities Player 2: WASD to walk, G to jump, F to attack the rival or gather items, G and F to use power-ups

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