Pogo Cross Country Adventure

Pogo Cross Country Adventure

Pogo Cross Country Adventure is a great free online game in which you will travel around the U.S with a beautiful woman. Your mission is to help Sarah a cinematographer seek the best filming place for the new documentary series. Play Pogo Cross Country Adventure unblocked and try to collect all of the hidden objects as fast as possible! It is really necessary to fulfill your job and win! Because missing items are scattered across the country, you will experience various scenes. They are also stages of Cross Country Adventure. Further, most of them are locked. to approach another location, you are forced to finish the present level in the shortest time. It’s available to take a hint when you get stuck! Strike the button and it will reveal the position of a random piece from the list. Meanwhile, speed and precision are helpful to increase your scores. Are you willing to enter the first episode and reach the end? Good luck!

How to play Pogo Cross Country Adventure

Use the mouse to collect hidden objects

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